Ottone & Leach LLP offers services to clients from major regional businesses to small family-owned businesses, public districts, nonprofit organizations, and families.

We focus on helping clients achieve their business, financial, and personal goals. Our attorneys are experienced in agricultural business, family-owned companies, estate, and tax planning.

Serving clients in the Monterey, San Benito, Santa Cruz Counties, and beyond.

The law office of Ottone & Leach LLP in Salinas, CA maintains an esteemed reputation for providing exceptional legal counsel.

Our expertise includes:


We are known for our skills in key practice areas, as well as other business and legal matters that affect local and
regional organizations.


Our firm serves large corporations, small businesses, families, and nonprofit organizations.

Practice Areas

Our attorneys have advised clients on matters as the industry has transformed from sugar beets and grains to the Salad Bowl of the World. It then has moved forward to vegetable processing, as well as wine production.

Our office represents the families that pioneered and continue to develop the Salinas Valley. We help families protect their livelihood and estates, reduce taxes, and pass on wealth to the next generation.

Family-Owned Businesses

The American economy is based on family-owned businesses. Your business is your livelihood and key asset. We represent closely held companies of all sizes and in all industries.

Ottone & Leach LLP will help you handle the legal issues that arise so that you can concentrate on running
your business.

Ottone & Leach LLP is committed to supporting and building the community as we represent and serve various nonprofit organizations.

We specialize in:

  • Formation of Nonprofit Organizations
  • Obtaining Federal and State Tax-Exempt Status
  • Regulation of Public Charities and Private Foundations
  • Bylaws
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Interested Director Transactions
  • Employment Issues
  • General Business Issues

We support the community. Our partners are active in several community service organizations including the following partial list:

  • Andrew and Phyllis D’Arrigo Charitable Foundation
  • Big Sur Land Trust
  • Bruce Church Educational Foundation
  • Monterey County Agricultural Education, Inc.
  • Palma School
  • Salinas Rotary Club
  • Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Sally Hughes Church Foundation
  • SPCA for Monterey County
  • Sun Street Centers
  • York School

Longevity and Expertise

Formerly Abramson Church & Stave LLP, we have developed our specialties through the representation of key participants in the growth and development of the Salinas Valley from 1938 to the present.